Step 1: Search our directory for the associated business listing

All you need is the business name and its zip code or its local business phone number to search. As long as the business listing is in our directory, you can easily inform us if your address or phone number has been associated with a business listing.

Step 2: Click on the 'Remove Residential Information' button

When you view a business listing's details from your search results, you'll see a button for residents on the bottom of the page. Click on the 'Remove Residential Information' button to access our resident support form.

Step 3: Fill out the resident support form and submit

Review the business listing in question and provide your contact information so that we can contact you with any updates to this request.

When you submit this request, we'll contact the authority at that business and instruct them to update their information in our system. When this updated information is supplied to the major and local search engines, your residential information will be removed from the business listing in search results.

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